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Jan 29, 2018

Longtime KSL host Ethan Millard guest hosts this episode of Healthy Mind Matters.

Dr. Ann Clark and Dr. Travis Mickelson with Intermountain Health Care are in studio to talk about accessing mental health services through a primary care physician.

Family practitioners and psychiatrists have started working closely with one another to make sure that patients needs are served.

Your doctor is someone with whom you have a relationship and for the last ten or so years the industry has been moving to this new model of family doctors overseeing mental health treatment.

Medications for anxiety and anti- depressants are able to be prescribed by physicians and they can help follow up with the treatment plan.  Physicians and psychiatrists working together can have a lot of success for their patients.

Healthy Mind Matters is hosted by Maria Shilaos. The show discusses the important community issues of stronger mental health, emotional wellness, and the growing problem of addiction. Healthy Mind Matters is sponsored by Intermountain HealthCare and SelectHealth.