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Jan 30, 2018

Ethan Millard guest hosts this episode

He is joined by Dr. Ann Clark, family practitioner at the Salt Lake Clinic of Intermountain HealthCare and Dr. Travis Mickelson, psychiatrist at the Salt Lake Clinic.

Ethan remembers growing up when mental health was not taken very seriously by much of the population.  Things like depression was commonly described at selfishness or laziness.

Dr. Clark always tries to determine the severity of the mental health challenges she comes across.  Sometimes mild depression can be effectively addressed immediately with mindfulness techniques.  Sometimes she'll rope in a psychiatrist like Dr. Mickelson.  

A doctor will create a team that includes a care manager, social worker, therapist, and psychiatrist.  Each person can help in unique ways to meed the individual needs of a patient.

Dr. Mickelson will start by trying to understand the problems that Dr. Clark noticed and is concerned about.  He'll look at the patients social health background which may include poverty or abuse.  This helps him get a clear picture.  He will also have access to relevant medical records that help him understand the larger picture.

A family doctor can get the ball rolling and do a lot, but you also need a psychiatrist for longer term strategies and monitoring.  They can also get a patient referred to an outpatient clinic for mental health.